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Dancing for Donations for Domestic Violence Drive for FJC


Let me introduce you to the Knoxville Shimmy Mob Team, a part of an international team to help raise awareness of local services for victums in need, primarliy in regard to domestic volence situations. Our Knoxville Family Justice Center is a valulable resource and we are raising fund to support their efforts.

We have a deadlie, June 26, for fundraising to present to FJC and the shimmy mob team along with the Sandsation Dancers are offering in exchange for a donation your choice of:
1. A performance by the Sandsation Dancers
2. We can come "flashmob: your event/office/party etc
3. A mini belly dance or ballet lesson or a yoga class with Sandy Larson

Recently the team and Sandsation performed for Rossini, Dogwood Arts Festival, Vestival, Open Chord, Bonne Kate and Open Streets and more.

Please help us meet our goal and deadline by sharing this event. Thank you

Please contact Sandy Larson, shimmy mob team leader and Sandsation director to book your flashmob and/or show at 985-788-5496 or sandylarson@yahoo.com